In 1975 while performing in the grandstand of the South Dakota State Fair, Johnny Cash invited Sherwin Linton on stage, then removed his boots and gave them to Sherwin. “Try ‘em on,” he said, and then asked, “How do they fit?” Sherwin replied, “I could never fill your shoes, Johnny.” “Oh yes you can,” was the reply.

Sherwin Linton has been filling those shoes since with the Johnny Cash Tribute band that includes a talented group of musicians, and features wife Pam, singing the songs of June Carter and The Carter Family as Sherwin tells “The Johnny Cash Story.”

With Sherwin’s in-depth knowledge of Cash’s life history and 60 career years of performing, it is no wonder Johnny Cash personally endorsed Sherwin to tel, “The Johnny Cash Story.”

Tickets: $20 advance  |  $25 at the door
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