We have never had a greater need for support at State Street Theater Co.

Capital Improvements: While SSTC conducted a successful first-phase capital campaign of addressing the immediate needs of its 80-year-old structure, grant-enabled architectural studies have made possible assessment and prioritization of remaining needs. Following are the identified needs:
    • Handicap Accessible Restrooms
    • Exterior Signage
    • Elevator Access to Lower Levels
    • Seating Refurbishing
    • Gathering Space
    • Additional Restrooms
    • Window Restorations
    • Plumbing and Electrical Updates, including extending the sprinkler system
    • Refurbishing of Lower Level Locker Rooms

Historic Interpretive Gallery: Historian, Dr. Dan Groebner, has researched the New Ulm High School, its auditorium/theater, and New Ulm performing arts evolution. Through private and other donations, pertinent photographs have been reproduced and are in the framing process. These will be displayed on one of the hallway walls, comprising the first of two phases of a Historic Interpretive Gallery. 

Funding is needed to complete the second phase, the placement on the opposite wall of framed photos, posters, and interpretive text about specific productions over the years in New Ulm. 

Equipment and Upkeep: Whether a need to replace, repair, or upgrade, there is always something demanding attention. These might be components within the sound or lighting system, treating the curtains with fire retardant, painting, etc. 
Theater Sponsorship/Individual Donation: Theater sponsorship and individual donations help to enable State Street Theater to continue to flourish as an organization dedicated to providing quality theater experiences for our community and region. Donations help our theater offset costs such as royalties, costumes, and set construction for our four productions during the season. 
How to Donate: Your donation helps to create a place where community members can grow and share the joy of theater in Southern Minnesota. Donations go into a trust account for specific projects or a capital campaign account for projects broader in scope. 
If you wish to contribute toward any of these particular areas, click here, or contact us at 507-359-9990, or email us at info@statestreetnewulm.org.