SSTC COVID Safety Plans

State Street Theater has adopted protocols that address social distancing and other related procedures for rehearsals and productions for audiences and actors alike. They are as follows:


    1. Hand sanitizer is available at all entryways and bathrooms
    2. Face Masks are required by the state mandate unless they have a medical reason to not wear one.
    3. The mask or face shield is to remain on while seated in the theater, and upon entering or leaving the theater. The mask or face shield may be removed only when the patron is eating or drinking something from the concession/bar.
    4. Patrons are encouraged to stay home if you are sick and you will be refunded the full amount of the ticket.
    5. Volunteers will usher groups to seats and allow for the recommended distance between each group. This is currently 6 feet, which is three blue seats or four wooden seats between groups.
    6. SSTC will allow for a longer intermission so that patrons can use the restroom, bar, or concession areas and bar in smaller groups.
    7. Doors will open one hour prior to the show to allow time for new protocols.
    8. SSTC will mark seats not to be used to comply with social distancing requirements.
    9. Patrons will enter the buildings at intervals, allowing for space between parties and time for ushers to seat people in groups.
    10. Groups are encouraged to enter the building TOGETHER so we can keep your group in the same space and seating.


  1. Tickets are shown to ushers and can be kept as a memento or thrown away in the trashcan by the theater entrance.
  2. E-tickets can be shown on the phone but patrons MUST scroll down to show how many tickets are on the phone.
  3. We encourage patrons to purchase tickets prior to the event.


    1. All areas will be sanitized after the show starts for the intermission crowd.
    2. Bathroom facilities are sanitized every third person.
    3. Fans will remain on in the auditorium to help with the airflow. Upstairs windows will also be open in the winter months.


    1. Volunteers will fill out a form indicating if they have had any or no COVID symptoms, signing and dating the form at each event.
    2. All volunteers are required to wear face masks and latex-free gloves until health care/government advises differently.
    3. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID 21 days prior to the entrance is not allowed in the theater.
    4. If a person has had a known exposure, they must be 15 days past exposure in order to enter the building and serve as a volunteer.

COVID Theater Seating Chart