State Street Theater will host auditions for a new production, Much Ado About NothingMuch Ado About Nothing is a comedy by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599.  The play is set in Messina and revolves around two romantic pairings that emerge when a group of soldiers arrives in the town.  The performances will be Friday, June 9, Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11.

Auditions will be:

Saturday, April 1 at 9 am
Wednesday, April 5 at 6:30 pm

Auditions will take place at 1 N State Street, New Ulm.  Use the back parking lot directly off Center and Washington Streets.  Enter stage door #7.  Directors for Much Ado About Nothing will be Michael Koester, 507-240-0869 and Christina Koester, 507-441-0751.

If you are not interested in acting in this production, but would like to know options for the crew or technical help, please contact

General Audition Information

State Street Theater Co. (SSTC) conducts open, easy auditions. Whether you’re an old friend or a newcomer to the theater, all actors are welcome and given equal opportunity for roles in our shows. No parts are precast (unless announced in advance). For each show, we look for performers who are ready to follow directions, learn, and have fun!

Unless specifically requested, actors are not asked to prepare/memorize any audition material in advance. Simply fill out the audition sheet with contact information, brief experience summary (if any), potential scheduling conflicts, and any health concerns/allergies we should be aware of.

We may take your picture for reference, even if you have performed with us before. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a water bottle.

Straight Plays/Non-Musicals

  • You will be provided with a copy of the script and asked to read selected scenes. Be prepared to read for more than one role!
  • Scenes typically involve monologues (speeches performed by one actor) and/or dialogue (multiple actors in conversation).
  • The show director may set aside time for actors to go practice scenes together before presenting them.
  • You may be asked to try improvising (reacting to a prompt, or making up a scene with another actor or two). This is a great chance to get creative and show how well you can think on your feet and work with others. Not every audition will include this.


  • For singing, the music director will group everyone by vocal range, then teach you a song selection to perform for the show director. You may carry the music on stage with you. No need to memorize! Some songs will be presented as a group, others as individuals.
  • If the production requires dancing, the choreographer (dance director) will teach you a short, simple routine. Actors will present it as a group.
  • You will be asked to read scenes from the script, or try some improvising exercises. See the straight plays section above for more details.

Children’s Theater

  • Parents must accompany their children to auditions and callbacks. See the above sections for more details on what’s involved for musical and non-musical auditions.
  • Children who do not read well will not need to read from the script. They will be given simple improvisation games instead. Roles for very young children often will not involve dialogue.
  • If your children are cast, you are more than welcome to attend rehearsals with them to support and help supervise your little actors.
  • If cast, the director and other staff will help children learn their lines during rehearsals. Parents are encouraged to help them practice at home.


  • Callbacks may occur if the director needs to see specific actors again to determine how they act, sound, and look together.
  • If you have been given a callback, you will be notified directly. So, make sure you fill out the contact info on your audition sheet!
  • You may still be cast even if you have not been given a callback.


  • Once the production staff have finalized a cast list, they will notify you of your role(s). Congratulations!
  • If you were not cast, we hope to see you again for another show where we may find a role that’s just right for you!
  • This page and Facebook will be updated once auditions are closed and the show has been cast.