“Minnesota Sings” State Finals

October 1-2

Minnesota Sings is a competition between cities throughout our great state–designed for amateur singers.  Vocalists compete for the honor of representing their city and for the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes.  There are two divisions:  13 to 20-year-olds and 21 and older.  Vocalists have to sing to a backing track that cannot exceed five minutes.  The song has to be memorized and the words need to be family-friendly.  The best part is you can sing any type of music.  At Minnesota Sings we hear everything from Broadway to Rock N’ Roll, Country, Country Rock, Jazz, Swing, Blues, Contemporary Christian, Arias from Operas, and much more.

Cities have to put on a local “Sings” event to determine who will represent them at Minnesota Sings.  Most cities do their local “Sings” events during their Summer Celebration.  However, it is also an excellent stand-alone event.  Each city can send four singers to Minnesota Sings–two from each division.  $20,000 total in cash will be given away and also recording sessions and music gear.

Admission is $10 per day, CASH ONLY. Free admission for children 12 and under.